Check In with HomeAway’s Free Rental Guarantee

Our home is let through a number of holiday websites, including the popular Holiday Rentals website, which is part of the HomeAway family of websites (including e.g., and,,, and

We often see questions asking whether Holiday Rentals or HomeAway are safe. Basically Holiday Rentals / Homeaway are an advertising channel. When you chose to stay with any of the listed properties, your contract is with the owner rather than Holiday Rentals. So, as they say, caveat emptor (buyer beware).

Our tips for making sure you are dealing with reputable home-owner:

  • contact the owners by email and ask a few questions – how well do the owners respond?
  • ring them up, if you are unsure about anything
  • check their website carefully, they have one don’t they?
  • check if they have +ve reviews, do they look genuine?
  • if they have -ve reviews, how do the owners respond?
  • check the pictures, do they look genuine or like stock photos?
  • However, is committed to providing both home-owners and travellers a safe internet marketplace for for holiday rentals listings and enquiries. With 10 years experience of checking the quality of property advertisements on its sites, you can rent with complete confidence.

    So, now offers the leading holiday rental guarantee in the industry, providing travellers protection (and peace of mind) by guaranteeing up to £3300 or €4000 of a traveller’s payment in the event the listing is determined not to be legitimate in accordance with our policy. To take advantage of this guarantee, simply register your trip today and Rent with Confidence!

    When you register a qualified trip, HomeAway guarantees payments made to the property owner up to £3300 or €4000. In the event that a listing is determined not to be legitimate in accordance with their policy, they’ll reimburse you for actual amounts paid by you to the owner (up to £3300 or €4000). If after registration of your rental they find a listing is not legitimate, they’ll contact you and use reasonable efforts to assist you in finding alternative accommodation.

    How much does it cost we hear you ask? The HomeAway Rental Guarantee is FREE!

    To check it for yourself, we strongly recommend you head over to Rental Guarantee and check it out.

    We’d recommend you take out holiday insurance all the same, as this will be more comprehensive and cover you for a much wider range of eventualities.

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