Terms and Conditions

Prices and payment:

Payment is in sterling by cheque or by Bank Transfer only, unless booking via Airbnb, Homeaway (or associates), Flipkey, when card facilities are available (fees reflect charges these companies make to us).

You are responsible for Bank transfer charges, complain to your Bank if you feel they are excessive. UK transfers should be free. Eurozone charges should not generally exceed 6 Euro.

We don’t run a chain of holiday cottages, so please bear with us if there are hitches in any part of the process – rest assured you’ll always get personal attention, whatever the problem.

Prices include “reasonable” use of electricity and heating (in summer we expect you to use it only exceptionally), and a supply of bed linen and towels. Please don’t take towels away, to the beach or use them to remove make up.

Reasonable use of internet is included but no illegal downloading please.

Beach towels and bike hire are not included.

Additional charges may be made for extras such as bedding/towels, beach towels, bike hire, and for heating.

The property is STRICTLY NO SMOKING.  We do not permit smoking inside, at the back nor the front, nor in the garden.

Confirmation of reservation:

Upon receipt of a provisional booking we will send you a confirmation email. You should make your deposit (or final payment – see below) within one week. This is our formal acceptance of booking.

Please check the details for any inaccuracies. The person making the booking is deemed to act on behalf of all members of the party.

Deposits are non-returnable, so health and holiday insurance are highly recommended.

A deposit of £100 secures your let.

Final payment:

The balance must be paid in full not later than six weeks before the first day of your stay.

If the balance is not received we will cancel the booking and re-advertise the let.

For bookings made less than six weeks before your stay, the full cost of the let must be paid when booking (see above).

If payment is not received by your arrival we will ask you to pay in full on arrival or deposit a security, until payment is received.

Arrival/departure times:

Lets commence at 4.30pm on the date of arrival. Check-in anytime after that.

If you need to drop luggage off earlier, please let us know.

We ask you to vacate the property by 10.30am on the date of departure.

Advise us in advance of your estimated time of arrivals or changes to your requirements.


To cancel a booking, the person making the booking must advise us by telephone or in writing.

Cancellation will only take effect on our confirmation of your receipt of this. If you are unsure that we have received it, follow up by telephone. In all cases of cancellation the deposit will be forfeit.

If the cancellation is made after the final payment has been made (6 weeks before your let), you remain liable for the full cost. However, we will try our best to re-let and, if successful, a refund the cost of the holiday, minus our costs will be made.


The accommodation is furnished and equipped for short term holiday use and it will not accommodate comfortably more than the stated number of persons, which is 4.

Only the persons named on the booking form are permitted to sleep in the accommodation, and any changes must be communicated to us in advance of your stay.

We expect you to take care of the property and  keep it clean and tidy, and leave it as you found it. We don’t expect you to do a deep clean, but we don’t expect to have to do one ourselves! Clean your own greasy or dirty pans and dispose of nappies and other stuff before you go. Please turn the cooker off at the wall along with the TV. Please remove the recycling to outside the porch ready for collection.

The named person responsible for the booking and must be present for the duration of the holiday or stay, and is also responsible for any breakages or losses. If you plan to be away for more than a day and leave the property empty, please let us know.

You will be staying in a 200 year old property, which although it has been modernised over the ages, retains lots of original character.  Those imperfections are features, which is why most people book this accommodation rather than head for the for the bland comforts of a modern house or hotel.


Please don’t leave young children in the house unattended. They are welcome in the garden unattended, provided you accept responsibility for them and they respect the bedding plants and amenities.

We have a strict no smoking policy inside or outside. Tenants and their guests are asked to respect this condition of the booking. This condition is here for insurance purposes and because subsequent guests will not appreciate the smell of tabacco smoke and nor do we.

Live flames, candles and nightlights are also forbidden.

Pets are not allowed unless by prior arrangement for the same reasons.

You may attach laptops, telephone chargers and similar devices to the power supply as you normally would on a short holiday or break.

Connecting high wattage devices, slow cookers, air fresheners etc, is strictly forbidden.  If you do need to connect something unusual, please ask.

We understand that you may want to invite guests round for lunch or tea – that is fine. However, your guests are not permitted to lodge with you or stay overnight without our consent and under no circumstances left in the property alone.


We try and run the property as sustainably as we can and therefore ask you to respect this: e.g. by turning lights off when not in use; using the heating with economy (turn off at night, when out and especially when it is not needed) and the planet in mind; using the thermostatic radiator controls; using the recycling facilities offered; and disposing of unwanted items sensibly (no oil or food or similar down the drains and cisterns please!).

We supply unscented cleaning products for you to use, as these don’t leave over-powering aromas for subsequent guests.

Reasonable care:

Although we take every reasonable care to ensure that nothing untoward occurs during your stay we cannot be held liable for any injury, loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity arising, however caused.

Problems & Issues:

We want your stay to be as pleasant as possible. So, if a problem occurs or you are unhappy about something, raise it as soon as possible during your stay and we will try our very best to help out and remedy.

And please don’t leave unreasonable and multiple vexatious reviews online, however carefully worded, unless you wish to hear from our solicitors.

Holiday Insurance:

For your own peace of mind, travel or holiday insurance is recommended.

HomeAway Guarantee:

If you found our property through Holiday Rentals / HomeAway, you can also avail yourself of their guarantee. Pre-registering is necessary.