Garden Flat Availability

The availability calendar is usually up to date,so check it before you contact us. When you pay your deposit or the full amount your your dates will show as busy and therefore unavailable. Your booking remains provisional until that time.

Green is available – Red is booked.

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Check In with HomeAway’s Free Rental Guarantee

Our home is let through a number of holiday websites, including the popular Holiday Rentals website, which is part of the HomeAway family of websites (including e.g., and,,, and

We often see questions asking whether Holiday Rentals or HomeAway are safe. Basically Holiday Rentals / Homeaway are an advertising channel. When you chose to stay with any of the listed properties, your contract is with the owner rather than Holiday Rentals. So, as they say, caveat emptor (buyer beware).

Our tips for making sure you are dealing with reputable home-owner:

  • contact the owners by email and ask a few questions – how well do the owners respond?
  • ring them up, if you are unsure about anything
  • check their website carefully, they have one don’t they?
  • check if they have +ve reviews, do they look genuine?
  • if they have -ve reviews, how do the owners respond?
  • check the pictures, do they look genuine or like stock photos?
  • However, is committed to providing both home-owners and travellers a safe internet marketplace for for holiday rentals listings and enquiries. With 10 years experience of checking the quality of property advertisements on its sites, you can rent with complete confidence.

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    When you register a qualified trip, HomeAway guarantees payments made to the property owner up to £3300 or €4000. In the event that a listing is determined not to be legitimate in accordance with their policy, they’ll reimburse you for actual amounts paid by you to the owner (up to £3300 or €4000). If after registration of your rental they find a listing is not legitimate, they’ll contact you and use reasonable efforts to assist you in finding alternative accommodation.

    How much does it cost we hear you ask? The HomeAway Rental Guarantee is FREE!

    To check it for yourself, we strongly recommend you head over to Rental Guarantee and check it out.

    We’d recommend you take out holiday insurance all the same, as this will be more comprehensive and cover you for a much wider range of eventualities.


    The Templelands DVD Library

    If you want to borrow a DVD during your stay, please ask.

    Here’s the list, minus a few accents:

    Amadeus Director’s Cut dir Milos Forman
    Dead Ringers dir David Cronenberg
    L’Orfeo dir Jordi Savall
    Kes dir Ken Loach
    Three Colours Blue dir Krystztof Kieswloski
    Memento dir Christopher Nolan
    The Might Boosh Series 2 (What is that doing here?)
    4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days dir Cristian Mungiu
    Lady Chatterley dir Pascal Ferran
    Jules et Jim dir Francois Truffaut
    Death in Venice dir Luchino Visconti


    Garden Flat Weekly Rates to March 2011

    This Calendar shows the Current Rental Rates, Discounts and Offers.

    The availability calendar is here.


    Everything you need to know

    Dunbar Town

    There are numerous food shops, including mini markets (Co-op) and supermarkets all within walking distance.

    Fresh food outlets include a Baker with bread baked on the premises fresh every day, a Fishmonger which often has locally caught fish.

    The Crunchy Carrot, which is a few doors down, has a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and free-range eggs, as well as a number of organic products.

    The Volunteer pub, near the harbour is recommended for an inexpensive lunch or evening meal, while the Rocks and the Creel are recommended restaurants.

    Tippecanoe is a gift shop with Scottish products.


    The mainline train station is 3 minute walk.  There are regular trains to Edinburgh (20 minutes or so) and the rest of Scotland.

    Or in the opposite direction you can visit Berwick upon Tweed, again 20 minutes by train.

    Bus services to a number of local villages, such as East Linton and North Berwick, are relatively frequent, but check the return times carefully.

    Things to do in and around Dunbar

    In summer a visit to the Bass Rock by boat is highly recommended (from North Berwick), as are sea fishing trips from Dunbar Harbour.

    Hire bikes from Belhaven Bikes.

    Learn to surf with the Coast surf school.

    Walking and beachcombing along the John Muir Way Coastal path.

    There are numerous historic houses within easy striking distance, some owned by the National Trust and others in private ownership.

    The Open Garden scheme picks up in April and is highly recommended.

    Dunbar has a leisure pool and other sports facilities.

    Further information from the local Tourist Information office on the High Street.

    The Flat

    The digital TV has a built in DVD and should provide you with many free to air digital channels.

    Borrow a DVD from our small library, (provided you like B&W foreign art movies.)

    The electric cooker must be turned on at the wall before use. Turn it off after use. Instructions are in the kitchen drawer.

    The fridge will be switched on for your arrival. If not you can access the switch underneath the tall cupboard, behind the plinth.

    The extractor hood switch is always on, but can be turned off at the main switch located on top of the right hand cupboard.

    Central heating controls will be off except in winter when it is pre-programmed to come on twice a day. At other times you will need to set to auto using the select button under the panel. Top up the heating as needed using the 1 hour button or manual. Turn off using the manual button, when you go out and at night (unless temperatures are below zero). Further instructions in the kitchen drawer. Avoid a heating surcharge by not having the heating on at all times.

    Radiators are set to 50% to save energy, adjust as needed.

    Hot water is on demand so should always be piping hot and almost instant, so take care.

    The shower delivers a powerful 20 litres per minute. To operate, don’t be shy and turn the knob all the way to the end or you’ll get a very cold shower.

    The washing machine has the usual range of programmes. Use the light load and low temperature options to save the planet. Avoid overloading, using hand washing soap or using a white wash setting just for a pair of underpants!

    Use the eco setting on the dishwasher or wash by hand for light demands.

    The hoover is kept in the cupboard under the stairs. It is bagless and works best if not over-full (it shouldn’t be).

    The wine cellar has no wine in it, and is anyway locked – as is the housekeepers cupboard.

    Linen and towels are provided. If you require extras, please just ask.

    The kitchen has most things that you will need, but if you are missing something the local shops have a wide range hardware or ask us.

    Feel free to use garden, bearing in mind you will be sharing it with us.

    Recycling.  The green box takes washed bottles, tins and many plastics (wash and store under the stairs). The blue box is for card and papers including newspapers and magazines. Everything else in the green wheelie bin.

    The 2 house cats Effie (black) and Tigres (grey) are not permitted in the flat, but if they find their way in gently shoo them out. Please don’t encourage the other cats that occasionally visit.

    Take care on the steps into the flat on the streetside and the garden side. Prolonged rain and leaves may make the stops slippery.

    All the windows and shutters should work. If you get stuck, someone will be happy to assist.

    While Dunbar is a safe place, for your own peace of mind – always lock the door on the street-side.

    Please report any problems or breakages.