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We’ve gathered together the unedited comments from the visitor book going back a few years.

They are mostly very kind and complimentary, as is the oral feedback from 95% of all our lovely visitors, which is very encouraging.

Fabulous flat and a lovely place. Many thanks for the delicious marmalade and the recipe and all the other things.

Reiner, Kathrin, Emma, Maja Forchheim, Germany

The loveliest flat we’ve ever been to!  Fortunately the boys didn’t break anything! 🙂 Thanks for everything!

Julia, Michael, Leander & Bela, Duisburg, Germany

Lovely flat, thanks for the welcome gift  – nice touch. Enjoyed our stay.

The Three Sisters, Edinburgh & Kelso

Thanks for the lovely flowers and welcome pack!

Timothy, Tonbridge Kent

We had an awesome vacation trip i Scotland, also due to this loevly flat. Thank you! XX

Michael, Sabine & Annica, Brecherfield Germany

Very comfortable place to organise our move.

John and Nesta, Dunbar

Wonderful 2 weeks in this lovely old house. Especially enjoyed the fruit, flowers and marmalade.

Sheila (76) and Ann (69)

Lovely flat. In a lovely place. Thank you

The Fairweathers and Sarah, Dundee

Fabulous wee flat. Always enjoy staying with Ruth & Philip. Lots of love XXX

David and Deborah, Adelaide Australia

Another lovely week – our 5th here! Weather great, walks and scenery ++ We’ll be back.

The Bulloch Family