Pandemic FAQ

We’ve put together some notes for guests who are thinking of booking or have booked in 2020

Thinking of Booking?

  1. We are not able to take bookings  April to July 2020 – it doesn’t make sense to us to take unnecessary risks
  2. We are leaving 1 full day (around 30 hours) between guests for biosecurity reasons, from August 2020 onwards
  3. We will minimise interactions with guests, but as the flat is ancillary accommodation to our main home, we feel that we should point out that the garden spaces are shared
  4. We encourage all guests to consider carefully whether to book at this time and make their own risk assessments, e.g. if they have a pre-existing condition or unwell, are old or vulnerable, have been shielding, or perhaps work in a risk sector – we don’t want you to be anxious or ill during your stay
  5. But neither do we want you to stay if you think this whole pandemic thing is overblown or a hoax!
  6. We will give a 100% refund to anyone who books with us directly as of August 2020, minus the initial reservation fee, if they wish to cancel, if they can invoke pandemic reasons.
  7. Our normal policy limits cancellations to 60 days before your stay.

Already booked?

  1. At the time of writing most bookings April to August have been cancelled or rescheduled
  2. 50% rescheduled their stay to the autumn or next year (our preferred option)
  3. 50% asked for refund, those that booked before Feb 2020 we retained £100 (our T&Cs)
  4. If you wish to postpone or cancel a rescheduled booking, please do get in touch.

Hope that helps.

Contact us at thegardenflatdunbar AT gmail DOT com