Stay Upstairs BNB

We’ve been doing a DIY BNB on and off for a few years upstairs, on and off. A double bedroom suitable for a single or a couple for a 2 night minimum stay. This is available on an as is basis. We aim for one booking a week.

The system is that we offer you a room, access to our lovely garden and home but you fix your own breakfast in the garden room and abide by our pernickety rules. You get a private bathroom (embellished with hand made tiles) for a mere £45 a night + £10 for the second person. An extra £10 at weekends (Friday and Sat nights).

Anyone that treads lightly on the planet and loves old houses and chaotic gardens, along with all their quirkiness and imperfections,  is obviously very welcome for this ain’t a show home.

Unsuitable for junk food lovers or smokers, or anyone with an addiction to air fresheners or other invasive chemicals.

Book through Airbnb and pay their extortionate fees, but get millions of pounds of insurance backing – :-), or just drop us a line to enquire informally.

Payment is strictly up-front, and if you tell us a little about yourself we’re more inclined to accept a booking.